Get the FIFA 21 Demo now!

Are you ready to play the new FIFA 21 demo on your PC, Xbox or PlayStation? Try the new gameplay and check out what to expect within the next year!

Where to download the demo?

You can find it on the store/marketplace of your gaming console. Download it for free and start playing right away!


What modes are available?

You will get some gametime on the new “Volta” mode, which is basically like FIFA Street. Also you will be able to play the kick-off mode like always. Additional to that you find some content and new features regarding FIFA Ultimate Team. They made some changes in FUT and improved the userinterface.

Will the gameplay exactly the same like in the full version?

No, the gameplay won’t be the same. You can actually expect a total different gameplay. In the last few years we made the experience the gameplay turned out to be totally different. Even the actual full version will get patched and updated again and again. There is absolutely no reason to panic, when you think this FIFA 21 demo gameplay is trash. The chances are high you will think the same of the full version anyway. Good for you, you can just use the FUT 21 hack to get free coins and points.

What about the FUT Web App and the Companion?

Both of them will release one week prior the official game. By the way: Thanks to the easy access to you can also play the full version of FIFA 21 earlier. With EA Access you will be able to download the game on 21th September and play it for 24-48h. Sounds good right? The best thing is you can start to play FUT, get points, open packs and much more. This will get you a big advantage over other gamer, which have to wait for more than one week. Therefore its really helpful to get early access and start playing. We can definitely recommend it to you!

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