FIFA Coins Hack: What You Should Know!

Is it illegal to use the FIFA coins hack?

No, absolutely not. There won’t be any consequences for you personally. The worst thing can happen is you get your team suspended. This will only happen, if you use the FIFA hack for Ultimate Team in a huge scale. This means you just generated 100 million coins at once. This large amount of coins is extremely unreal. Its not a good idea to generate so many free FUT coins and points at the same time. Take it easy!

How many coins should I generate at once?

If its in the beginning of the game we recommend you to start slowly. Get 210k coins first, next day get another bunch of 210k coins. A week later you can start to increase the number. Its important for you to know you can use the FIFA coin generator as often as you want. There is no limit or any restriction. Simply run it as often as you want. In this way you can get a huge amount of free FIFA coins without getting detected, reported or anything like this. Just in the beginning its important to stay under radar, since there are not so many coins in the game at the beginning. Sounds reasonable right?

Most important advice for the online generator

Our FIFA coins hack uses proxies and some encryption methods to protect your PSN, Xbox Live or Origin account and team on FUT 21, but you should be aware of something: Don’t talk in communities, boards, your clan or somewhere else around the FIFA coin generator. Why? There are many people who would like to report you to EA. After they report you to Electronic Arts some mods will definitely check your account and see you got a huge amount of free FIFA coins and points in a short amount of time. You can imagine what happens next: Your team will get banned. Why would people report you? There are so many people spending thousands or hundreds of dollar just for points. These people will never ever accept there are other people who are smarter than them. Imagine you just bought points for $100 and then your friend comes over and brags how he got 500k coins just by running the FIFA Ultimate Team hack. You see where this goes. Simply be careful and you are good to go!

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